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Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.



Being a trainer or coach in the fitness industry is hard. There is a lot of competition and you have to find ways to elevate yourself above it all. This is a hard feet to accomplish, even for the best ones. Most coaches and trainers follow the same guidelines when it comes to program creation and program progression. There is not a group of exercises that you know that will set you apart from everyone else. There is not a programing method that you know that will set you apart from everyone else. There is not a progression model that will set you apart from everyone else. Everyone else is using the same thing you are.

How do you set yourself apart from everyone else?

You have to find ways to go that extra mile for clients. You have to think outside of the box the fitness industry has us in.

With a customized exercise database and videos from The Training Effect, you can begin setting yourself apart.


Over the years, we have worked on many projects in the fitness industry. All of these projects have left us with a database of close to 1,500 exercises. The Training Effect utilizes our database in a unique way. We can build customized exercise databases, customized exercise videos for you or your business, all with the ability to set you and your business apart for anyone else.

Below are 4 raw samples of exercises from our database. They show the wide range of exercises within our database and the how we can customize them for you.

Body Weight

How It Works

Our customized database development and video creation is a simple process. It looks like this…

  1. You send us a list of exercises you use.
  2. We pull the exercise videos from our database that correspond with your exercise list.
  3. We create 4-5 samples of title slides and videos which include your logo, contact details and any other pertinent information you want in the videos.
  4. We send you the samples for approval.
  5. Once approved, we will edit the videos in your exercise list.
  6. When editing is complete, we will upload all of your videos and create your database.
  7. When the database is finished, we will send it to you.
  8. You can use Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive or Microsoft Teams to set up your system of delivery for your programs. If you need assistance with this, we can help.

Are You Ready to make the change of a lifetime?