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The “Novice Effect” is a term coined by world renowned strength coach Mark Rippetoe. To sum it up, the Novice Effect is related to all beginning lifters. It states, for a period time, you will be able to add 1-10 pounds to each exercise for every training session. As long as you continually increase the stress, your body will continually get stronger. There are 3 ideas that make this happen:

  • Neuromuscular efficiency: The nervous system signal being sent through your body finds faster and more efficient ways to its end destination making a movement more efficient.

  • Muscular strength: After each training session, pending you do enough to recover, you will get stronger after each training session.
  • Exercise technique: The more you learn how to execute an exercise with near perfect technique, the easier the movement becomes.

For all beginners, we design our programs using 4 few key points.

  1.  A client’s end goal is the most important factor that we look when selecting exercises and rep ranges for a new program.

  2.  We design our programs to introduce a slightly lower level of stress then what a client will normally be able to take in the beginning of their program. This time is used as a teaching period, getting clients used to executing each movement pattern with perfection while at the same time getting their bodies used to the stresses of training without the adverse side effects. With each session, more stress is applied, thus allowing our client’s to become stronger and more conditioned.
  3.  Our client’s programs are designed in such a way that enables beginners to keep making progress for months while they are in the beginning phase.
  4.  The programs are designed to be as simple as possible, enabling beginners to take the program when and if they are ready and perform it on their own.

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