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How It Works

The Training Effect is built on a teaching platform that we use with every client no matter where he or she is starting off. The teaching platform we use starts off with the basic exercises like squats, hip hinges, vertical press, and horizontal press.

Our client’s learn how to execute each of these movements the correct way, and continue to perform the basic exercise or some variation of the basic exercise throughout the entire program.

As our clients progress successfully through our coaching program, we begin teaching additional exercises and training methods. When our program wraps up after about 12 months or so, our clients have the exercise and training knowledge needed to create and execute their very own exercise programs based off the goals they want to attain.

We use an online platform to deliver our programs to our clients. It’s a very simple email based system where our clients can record, track, and view all of the exercises in their program. Once a program is created and sent, clients can view their program through an email link within our platform.

When our clients are performing a session, they have the ability to log all their numbers and take notes if needed. This information can be seen by their coach and addressed as needed. Access to all past training sessions are available for our clients to see and track their progress. Each exercise in a program will have a video link, like the video links above.


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